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Code Blue

Emergency Notification System

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi uses a comprehensive alert system to send students, faculty and staff messages during emergency situations. The notifications include emails and text as appropriate. These emergencies can include hurricane warnings, school closures, delays and evacuations.

Students must submit a form requesting their phone and email for such notifications when they register. Updates can also be made through SAIL.

Faculty and Staff can update their Code Blue contact information through HR Connect.

The community and parents can sign up for an RSS feed by clicking on the icon in the left menu.

The University uses a third-party emergency notification system that has the ability to contact students and employees by work phone, cell phone, text message and/or email. The severity of the emergency will determine how many forms of contacts are used.

An email alert will come from: TAMUCC Code Blue (

Phone and text messages will be sent to the number outlined on HR Connect or SAIL. The University will send a message twice a year reminding each user that they are in the system; in addition to a message the user receives when their number is added to the system. You may opt out of the text messages at any time by replying to any message with “STOP TAMUCC.”

Once you opt a number out of the text message system, you will not be allowed to receive any further emergency text notices from the University or opt back in.

The Code Blue Emergency Notification system can also reach classroom telephones. For more information call Institutional Advancement at 361-825-2420.

The University has an outdoor broadcast sound system that can be heard throughout the campus similar to emergency sirens and stadium speakers. The system will be utilized for warning the campus community regarding active emergencies where there is concern for the safety of students, employees and visitors. Such incidents include, but are not limited to, sudden, severe weather emergencies; threats to human life; and fires or other physical incidents where campus evacuation may be necessary. The system provides both audible signals and public address, where spoken notifications can be easily heard by those who are outdoors. The System is routinely tested (two blasts) the first Tuesday of every month between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No action is required on your part. For more information, call the University Police Department at 361-825-4444.

Special notices will be posted on the University’s Web site home page When the University undergoes an evacuation, a mirrored Web site that has fundamental operations is activated. The site is located at the Texas A&M-International (Laredo) campus. 
Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter, serve to reach the public.  Notifications are posted on these platforms that have language similar to what has been crafted on email blasts to the campus and through the Code Blue Emergency Notification System.

  • Web and Social Media notices are updated periodically with frequency increasing as the storm approaches. As an example, a notification would be posted following a hurricane evaluation meeting by the Incident Command Team and the University President. Within that posting will be a notice of when the public would receive an updated notification. For more information contact Institutional Advancement at 361-825-2420.

A voicemail message may be sent to all campus telephones. A voicemail message may be deployed in the event of an emergency with a pre-recorded message. For more information call Information Technology Department at 361-825-2100.

Telephones with red lights have been placed in all classrooms. If an emergency occurs and it is necessary to communicate with people in classrooms, the red light will blink and the phone will ring. The phones may be used to dial 4444 if there is an emergency in the classroom. For more information call the Information Technology Department at 361-825-2100.

While serving as a direct link to the University Police Department, these Outdoor Emergency Phones can also communicate messages. For more information call the University Police Department at 361-825-4444.

Special notices are sent using emails assigned by the university to employees and students. These email blasts are sent with frequency that aligns with meetings undertaken by the Incident Command and President when storms are being monitored. Language crafted for these eblasts is used for postings on the Web and Social Media. All emergency notices will receive a point of reference. For more information contact Institutional Advancement at 361-825-2420.

A message may be displayed on the campus monitor system. For more information call the Information Technology Department at 361-825-2692.

Corpus Christi radio and television stations and the Caller-Times daily newspaper are very supportive in helping the University inform its people regarding weather notifications and emergencies. Notifications and updates are sent with frequency to all media resources so that they can broadcast these messages to their viewership and readership. The media co-communicates using their radio or television outlet, as well as their Web sites. For more information contact Institutional Advancement at 361-825-2420.

The University maintains two information hotlines that may be activated to place information of interest to faculty, staff and students. These hotlines are recorded messages that are updated regularly during an emergency. For up to date information go to the University’s Web site home page or call Institutional Advancement at 361-825-2420.

  •  Faculty/Staff Information Hotline: (local) 361-825-9999 or toll free 1-888-234-4005
  •  Student Information Hotline: (local) 361-825-0000 or toll free 1-888-234-4887

If you are involved in an emergency, call the University Police Department at 825-4444 (on campus: x4444) or dial 911. The University Police Department is available 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.

Classroom Emergencies:  In the event of an emergency in the classroom, phones can be used to call University Police (x4444) or 911 Emergency. For more information contact the University Police Department.

For additional information, please refer to the “Quick Reference Guide to TAMUCC Emergencies” provided by the Environmental, Health & Safety Department for specific information on different types of emergencies.